For more than 40 years, Wellington filmmaker Alister Barry has been remembering on our behalf what we are always at risk of forgetting.

His meticulously compiled documentaries - particularly his first three films this century, Someone Else’s Country; In a Land of Plenty; and A Civilised Society – sound a quietly angry call for social justice in a society that is typically reflected to us in primetime soundbites.

In the riveting Hot Air, ... he turns his attention to our shameful record in dealing with carbon emissions and finds a story of conscientious and intelligent politicians outmanoeuvred by sophisticated and well-funded lobbying.
— Peter Calder, New Zealand Herald

IF YOU SEE only one film in the 2014 NZ International Film Festival see Alister Barry’s feature-length documentary, HOT AIR.

This chilling exposé of the strategy and tactics adopted by New Zealand’s largest industries to ensure that no effective action to combat climate change is ever undertaken in this country should be seen by every voter. HOT AIR constitutes one of the most persuasive arguments for radical, ruthless and rapid policy implementation on behalf of people and planet that I have ever encountered.
— Chris Trotter, Columnist and political commentato